Here is yet another local post that just flat out makes you feel good about North Dakotans

If you ever grow tired of reading about negative things on social media, or hateful comments from people who love to spew out discouraging words, then simply just keep scrolling and you'll find something that will put a smile on your face instantly. That was the case for me yesterday, and once again the source was the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook page.

The hub of our community is through this page

His name is Tyler Bachmeier - there he was on a Friday night, taking care of some errands and doing what so many of us have done in the past - he locked his keys in his car. We all know that frustrating feeling the second we realize what happened. Somewhere in the parking lot of the Natural Grocers, a stranger noticed his anguish.

"I've never, ever had a stranger do that..."

Here is how Tyler described the moment:

"To the anonymous stranger who offered me a ride home because I locked my keys in my car and then gave me $50 to help pay for a locksmith, I hope God blesses you with something amazing in your life. You made a total strangers evening so much better. I didn’t need the ride home since I didn’t have a spare and I didn’t need the $50 (yay roadside assistance Insurance lol) but you left before I could regain my ability to speak. I was speechless! I see plenty of negativity in town and I was shocked at your kindness! I wish I knew your name so I could thank you properly! This was outside Natural Grocers. Thank you again random citizen!"

On the phone with me this morning, Tyler was still amazed and shocked by a gift of kindness. He was left speechless when the man left, the crazy thing is that Tyler has roadside service, and a locksmith would have been free. Tyler is hoping to do the very same act of kindness in return, he has the $50 in wait, so maybe very soon he can "pay it forward with his heart". Thank you, Tyler for your post yesterday, you have no idea how many people you touched with your words!


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