This is a very controversial subject, it involves a person's freedom, their rights, and it tests the ethics of many

As always, I found something very interesting to me while browsing through the Bismarck People Reporting News ( BPRN ) Facebook Group page. Someone was curious and wondered out loud "WHY liquor stores here in Bismarck/Mandan are NOT being held accountable for selling to people who are obviously drunk?" That is a very good question, what do you think?

Should every liquor store in North Dakota give a potential customer a breathalyzer test before they are sold alcohol?

That would surely seem extreme, wouldn't it? I mean for some people, it would really be hard to determine how ( if any ) intoxicated the individual is when they enter the store. Now bars are a little bit different, in many restaurants in North Dakota bartenders are trained to spot the signs of someone who has had enough. If you have ever wondered if the BAR and BARTENDER can be held responsible for any accidents and even casualties a customer may cause after they leave their establishment, that is hard to prove.

Here is what I noticed after reading some of the comments that followed the woman's post...

...several people immediately get defensive, they treat it like their personal freedoms are being challenged. I completely agree that the absolute right thing to do if you feel someone has had too much to drink is to stop serving them - to refuse to sell them alcohol in liquor stores - Think about this too, serving someone MORE booze could very well attribute to public intoxication ( like the second they leave your bar ) - THIS should become YOUR business if you are selling alcohol - you can help stop people about to make the mistake of their lives.

So if you still think you are allowed to get as hammered as you want - check this out:

**** What Is Public Intoxication In North Dakota?****

According to

"In North Dakota, public intoxication laws intend to arrest the intoxicant and serve him/her punishments similar to criminals. In North Dakota, public intoxication refers to the alcoholic person who is visibly and noticeably impaired in public space after consuming drugs or alcohol.

In North Dakota, the forces ensure individuals’ intoxication by measuring the blood alcohol concentration. If it surpasses 0.08%, the person is likely to be charged as a criminal. The reason for considering a certain person a criminal is that the drunk or disordered person usually disturbs others with appropriate, abusive, aggressive, or unethical behavior"

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