Today is Friday, June 24th, 2022 - There may be a few people wondering if yesterday was a special day they should have been celebrating

I checked every calendar in Bismarck/Mandan, and contrary to the nasty rumor, there is no such thing as "Hug A Moose Day". SO, I'm hoping someone didn't lure you over to the moose that paid a little visit to downtown Bismarck. No mention of whether the moose stopped by Gideon's Brewing for a quick cold one or not - one thing that was certain, weather conditions were tough on us all, with temps reaching almost 100 degrees.

I'm guessing if you actually had the chance to be up close to an animal that size, your instincts would tell you to back off

So this sight of a moose yesterday probably caused you to stop what you were doing at the moment for a couple of seconds - According to and the North Dakota Game and Fish " the moose was last spotted near 13th street and Main. Bismarck police said their last report was along 19th and Thayer...the moose looked young, maybe about a year old". went on to say that the best advice you can possibly get is to make sure if you do come across one, that you back off and stay as far away as you can, and oh the most important thing, rule out the idea of getting a selfie with a moose, do not agitate it one bit. As of 5 pm yesterday there were no further reports of our visitor, maybe this large body rumbled over to a local pool and is still in it, that's what I would have done yesterday when it felt like it was hotter than Mars.

Here is some video proof on WHY you need to respect a Moose...

Snout YouTube

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