The time is here! North Dakota deer rifle opener is almost revered as a state holiday for many hunters. Opening at noon on Friday, November 4th, 2022; the anticipation of what the upcoming weeks may hold and how much time will be spent, we have musts to not leave for the field without. With numbers believed to be down after the effects of the 2021 EHD outbreak, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department issued only 64,000 deer gun licenses. This is 8,000 fewer tags than last year. As a result of the 2021 EHD outbreak and the similarities between it and CWD, North Dakota Game and Fish has added some new regulations, mainly in the areas noted previously or newly added CWD units. Hunters remember it is your responsibility to be aware of all state rules and regulations, and are highly encouraged to review the latest hunting guide. Especially regarding restrictions in units that one may not have been aware of having been added to the CWD unit list.

Now for the excitement. Are you packed? Checked your list twice? Thoroughly ready for memorable moments and hopefully a successful harvest? We are here to have your back. First off, before you even think about going down the list of the "Things" needed for deer camp, let's do these often overlooked quick items. That is, how you're getting there. Take two minutes and quick, check your oil. No deer is going to hang around if they hear the knocking of your 4x4 coming down the designated trail. See how we said, designated. Now here are items we quickly compiled that are always along.

The Must Haves For Deer Hunting in North Dakota

Now keep in mind, these are only the BASIC must-haves to get you started!

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