I'll start out by saying a simple fact - ALL people make mistakes...

...and one such Bismarck person just recently made perhaps the biggest one in her life. Her name is Emily Eckroth. A Bismarck School Board member, she made the news over an incident back in September regarding a traffic stop. It was here that she lost control of what is right and wrong, letting her temper get the best of the situation, haven't we all had that happen at one point or another in our lives? Her mistake and poor judgment unfortunately for her was captured on video - according to kfyrtv.com "Dash camera footage released Monday shows Bismarck School Board member Emily Eckroth cursing at police officers during a traffic stop Sept. 3. Eckroth pleaded guilty this month to a misdemeanor physical obstruction of a government function charge for the interaction"

The video is out there for you to watch, but I won't show it to you

Yes, there is a video of her mistake for all of us to see, personally, though I don't care one bit to watch it - She already admitted guilt, and that's good enough for me. Now I DEFINITELY don't condone her actions, the police were 100% in the right. She has received her punishment - receiving nearly a year of unsupervised probation - Emily is also facing possible action from the school board. Now I ask you, isn't that enough?

She is human and knows she acted in the wrong

"...I am not different than others who have made mistakes in their past and who strive to learn from those mistakes. I simply ask for understanding and respect of my privacy in this matter as I move forward.” kfyrtv.com added. So to all of us, can we all forgive someone who made a mistake? I surely can.


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