This is something we need more of, especially since the sad trend lately has been restaurants and businesses closing their doors for good

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut? The same thing almost every single day? You go to work 5 days a week, right around the same time every morning you take the same roads, and you arrive pretty much on "Auto-Pilot", more than likely it's the same sad sack lunch - a blah bologna sandwich ( no offense to you bologna lovers ) with a badly bruised banana. Well, something new and fresh is in the works and it's coming soon to Bismarck!

Fresh, healthy, and delicious...

...those are three words that will capture my attention. Here is the address - 1615 Burnt Boat Rd off Tyler Parkway - the exact dates aren't set yet, but before you know it a ProteinHouse restaurant will be providing some great food - check it out, according to their website "PROTEINHOUSE nurtures and supports those who strive for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Whether our customers are looking for the nutritious building blocks of a great physique or they’ve adopted a clean-eating lifestyle, we provide a fast-casual environment that rivals the convenience of our competitors with a superior product offering. We have redefined what it means to eat healthy"


  How does that look????

This is part of what the ProteinHouse Bismarck Facebook page posted just the other day:

"We are so excited and wanted to thank you all for being so patient with us as this process has been way harder than we ever expected, and just as frustrating waiting for it to be open! So thank you!

As far as opening dates go we don't have any yet but will keep you all updated the closer we get! What we can tell you is that you will all be eating ProteinHouse very very very soon!"
By the way, several people commented on how excited they are that ProteinHouse is coming, they were able to eat at the Las Vegas location and said how fresh and tasty the restaurant truly is!

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