Ok, so there might be a whole generation yet here In Bismarck and Mandan that has never heard of this frustrating so-called entertainment

I am just going by my life experience when it comes down to what I THINK is THE most frustrating waste of time ( kind of like the same feeling women have felt when on a first date with myself ) - Have you ever attempted to complete a Rubik's Cube? This impossible square game from HELL was invented in 1974 - Apparently by a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture by the name of Ernő Rubik.- I think he visioned that people would be pulling their hair out for years TRYING to no avail. here is the thing that I find hard to believe, there are actual human beings on earth ( I still say they are aliens ) that can solve this stupid thing in under 10 seconds: WATCH

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Pretty impressive, huh? WELL, I'm about to tell you about a traffic puzzle that drivers here in BisMan find even more difficult to wrap their heads around and accomplish correctly. We've all gone through the "rules of the road", who has the right away, etc. You get the idea, right? Somehow we passed our written test to get our license, and yet we come across this scenario:

Adrian Wanchic Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook
Adrian Wanchic Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook

Here is what I got a kick out of, so many people responded with "Amen" - obviously thanking Adrian for TRYING to break down this simple, logical dilemma, the amazing thing is more people FAIL at this than you can possibly imagine.


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