Ok, it's time for all of us to STAY positive - our weather WILL give us a break soon and reward us all...

...and here is one of them for sure. As much as I enjoy spending time at home being lazy, this event coming up next month sounds perfect. For all of you who like LIVE music and hanging out together outside, check this out. Laughing Sun Brewery in Bismarck has put its heads together and has arranged an outdoor show on May 31st!

Whatever kind of music genre you prefer, you can't miss this event

Whether you simply enjoy strictly country or classic rock music, this is an opportunity for you to just get out and have a good time outdoors - this will hopefully explain much better what I'm trying to say - according to the Laughing Sun Brewing Facebook page this past week:

"Let’s rock out with another outdoor show! Bad Wolves will be kicking it in the parking lot on May 31st! What better way to jump right into Summer than to team up with Jade Presents and party in the lot!"

Laughing Sun Brewing by the way is located at - 1023 E Front Ave, Bismarck, ND, United States, North Dakota - this awesome place is best labeled as  "Award-winning Brewery & BBQ Restaurant in Bismarck, ND. Live music & events weekly, local artists..."

Bad Wolves is an American Heavy Metal band...

...that came together around 2017. You probably have heard their cover of The Cranberries 1994 hit "Zombie" - Check out this 2018 Live performance on The Late Late Show.



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