It pretty much doesn't matter how long you have lived in Bismarck and Mandan, it is always awesome to discover a "Hidden Gem"

I experienced that for myself about 5 months ago. Here is the thing, you might think you know everything that is going on in Bismarck and Mandan, and then in a fortunate turn of events, you are lucky enough to find a "Hidden Gem". I won't give it away just yet, but the place I am talking about is on 43rd Ave SE, in Mandan, right down the street from Krolls Diner ( which I have been to a thousand times ) - and literally about a football field away from our radio station on the strip. In fact, about a year and a half ago when I had some minor car trouble, no one told me about this place that was so close, I could see the back of their shop from behind our building. Check this out:


New to Mandan?

Heck no, this awesome place - Gunschers Auto Repair -  has been dealing with customers for the past 14 years. I had another issue with my car, so I didn't drive it for a couple of days while figuring out where I was going to take it - Thank goodness one of the employees at Cenex on Memorial Hwy, jotted down a phone number and tossed it to me - one day later I brought my car in - Troy Gunscher cares about people, and it's obvious from the moment you meet him - Troy, Jim, Scott and the rest of their staff - Mike, Dawson, Mundy, Dan, Ethan, and Heidi are all eager keep giving excellent service. I thought to myself that I finally got lucky enough to experience the power of "Word of mouth" - Lastly I'll never forget someone telling me years ago in a restaurant I worked at, that THE most damaging customer is one that silently leaves your business and tells everyone they know on the face of this earth how terrible their service was. Thank you to a "Hidden Gem" here in Mandan!


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