So I'm not a North Dakota Native, but I still live here and face the evils of a random drunk driver who has had multiple DUI's

Yes, I am aware that wherever you live and commute in the United States if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time a drunk driver can take your life in a matter of seconds. But in North Dakota, it seems like you have way too many chances to make "judgment errors' and risk killing an innocent human being, or beings. I understand that we all make mistakes, and most of us hope to learn from them, but I also know that when you have had enough drinks to sway your thinking into "Ahhh a DUI is ONLY a misdemeanor, I'll take my chances with a fine etc..." - And off they go, "Spinning the wheel of luck"

I was stupid, lucky, and thought I was invincible

That alone kept me drinking and driving for the longest time. I think back in my past just how stupid I was for "taking that chance" over and over again. Here are the penalties for driving under the influence ( Take a couple of seconds and check them out. Why give someone 3 times over to make another error before it is considered a felony? Here is another incredible stat, even after your 2nd DUI your license is NOT revoked. Why? There is no room for another grave mistake behind the wheel, none.

I say getting your 2nd DUI should be a felony - flat-out

Maybe the "3 strikes and you're out" felony law would convince someone that it's not worth it.


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