In a state full of animals, The Daily Dot couldn't think of one you are most likely to be killed by in North Dakota. 

The Daily Dot came up with a map which indicates what kind of animal is most likely to kill you in each state. There were 9 different categories including, 'bitten or struck by larger mammals,' 'contact with venomous snakes and lizards' and 'insufficient data.' North Dakota was given the big question mark to represent insufficient data.

Really, not one animal? It's ironic because the article also includes this little bit of information:

Perhaps the most surprising statistics is that if you live in the United States, it's not snakes or bears you need to worry about, but the humble deer.

Deer cause more deaths in the United States than any other animal annually. According to, North Dakota has a deer population of roughly 130,000 (pre-hunting season, of course).

Obviously this is all in good fun. Daily Dot didn't have enough data to support one specific animal. But remember, while you're out enjoying North Dakota's beautiful wildlife, don't worry about the deer, buffalo or mountain lions. Keep your distance from the question marks!