Every year we get the lists. We spend a bunch of money buying our kids school supplies, but what do they really need? Or.. what is it they don't need?

I've thought back to my school experiences, and compiled a list of things that you can probably skip when you go back-to-school shopping.

A List Of Things To Take Off Your List

Here are some things your kids probably won't use, won't need, or might immediately lose.

Things You Shouldn't Buy When Back To School Shopping

You can probably leave these off of your list.

Couple Others That ALMOST Made The List:

There you have it, you've been warned. Personally, I wanted to add highlighters to the list, though I know some (very few) study bugs actually get good use out of these. I'd argue that most of us just buy them so we can sit them on our desks and slowly dry to their deaths. -- We think we'll use them more than we actually do.

Honorable mention to new gym shoes. Is it really necessary to buy NEW gym shoes every year? Nah, probably not.

Save Some $$$

While I know most of these things are relatively inexpensive, I still say why buy them if you don't need them? Pinch them pennies! Trim the fat where you can.

Anyway, hope this helps you map out that obligatory annual chaotic trip to the store with the kids. Stay strong, and remember to double check the cart before you get to the checkout -- don't let anything slide into the cart without you knowing.

I myself have been burned a time or two there. Kids are sneaky. Lol


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