We've all done it; we've all made an oopsie, and needed to flip around really quick. We've all made a duh dun duuunn... U-turn.


Is It Legal?

No matter what you do, when you make a U-turn, it feels risky and illegal. We try to do it as quickly as possible before an officer spots us. Right?

As it turns out... pause for pun appreciation... each city can enforce its own law on the matter, but overall, you can make a U-turn as long as there isn't a sign nearby that reads "No U-Turn."

According to Schmoop.com, There are a few instances where making a U-turn is legal:

1. In a residential area when oncoming traffic is at least 200 ft away.

2. On a divided highway, where an opening is present.

3. At intersections where there isn't a "No U-turn" sign.

Instances Where It's Illegal

1. Near railroad tracks

2. On a divided highway where no openings are present. Do not go through the grassy ditch divider thing. I repeat, DON'T DO IT.

3. If you don't have a clear line of vision in front and behind you. I feel like this warrants a "Duh."

4. Anywhere a "No U-turn" sign is present.

5. Near the top of a hill or right by a curve.

6. In front of a fire station and/or business district.

Note: According to Valley News Live, Grand Forks does prohibit U-turns within city limits. According to the Fargo Police Department you are not allowed to make a U-turn within Fargo's city limits. Fines for making a U-turn in these cities are $20.


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