You may have seen rumblings on Facebook that The Woodhouse restaurant has permanently closed its doors. So, is it true? Here's what we know:

A sign was posted on the door of of The Woodhouse Restaurant saying the business was closed and would be offering refunds to gift card holders.

The "Dish"

I called the restaurant this morning (Friday July, 8th) to make sure this was a permanent close. Upon calling, I was immediately sent to a voicemail where the owner explains that, yes, the restaurant is closed, and is now currently up for sale.

A Loss For Our Community

It is truly sad to see one of Bismarck's oldest restaurants close. It's been serving our Bisman community for more than 50 years. If you didn't know, the restaurant opened all the way back in 1969. - That's according to

This source says the restaurant has gone by a couple different names over the years, such as, "King's Food Host", "The Wood Host", and of course, "The Woodhouse".

According to, after a 48 year reign, the original owner, William Wood, put the restaurant up for sale (2017). The sale went through the following year, in 2018.


A Unique Experience

I'm told The Woodhouse was known for three things: cheese frenchies, patty melts, and a phone-based ordering system. -- To elaborate on that last bit, you would seat yourself in a booth, pick up the phone when you're ready, call the kitchen and place your order. Neat, right?

Maybe we will luck out, and the new buyer will choose to carry on the Woodhouse legacy, but ultimately, what's in store for the property is up in the air.


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