Listen up all you Fantasy Football Players, whoever had Adrian Peterson in mind for the upcoming season better think again - The 35-year old running back was released this morning by the Washington Football Team. Not like he was slackening off or anything like that, Adrian spent his last two years with Washington and was their leading rusher - He needs on 1,054 yards to surpass Barry Sanders and take over the fourth slot for NFL's career list. Adrian admitted that he didn't have a clue his job was in jeopardy - "It comes as a surprise. I didn't feel I showed anything that would warrant being released," when asked by ESPN if he is going to hang it up or continue, Peterson responded, "Oh, yeah, without a doubt, I definitely want to play".

When you do the math, it's not too surprising that Adrian was released, yes he is in his mid-30's, but Washington is pretty beefed up when it comes to running backs, four of them all under 27 years old, and like most teams Washington Football Team is grooming their young roster. So is this finally the end of Adrian Peterson's career? Judging on his response to ESPN I'm guessing no way. I think other teams are thinking the same way I am, teams are already expressing some interest. The one thing that people can agree on is his work ethic "He is a real pro" - That came from Ron Rivera himself ( Washington's head coach ).

Obviously only time will tell whether we'll see Adrian on the field again, and whose uniform he'll have on. Check out more on this story by clicking here.


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