It is safe to say that tensions are high in the good ol' U-S-of-A. We are living through a worldwide pandemic, there is civil unrest throughout our country (for a few reasons), and it is an election year. Yes, 2020 has been a doozy for nearly everyone involved. And matters only get worse when people believe that their government is sabotaging the people's right to vote.

Valley News Live (Fargo) is reporting that people in Burleigh County have been receiving envelopes for absentee voting ballots, but not receiving the actual ballots. The report says that people received ballots they did not even request. Valley News Live also says that, if you only received an envelope, the Burleigh County Auditor's Office is working to correct the error. Get the full story from Valley News Live here.

The Valley News Live article on the empty ballot envelope does say that the Burleigh County Auditor's office is short-staffed AND that this was a case of human error. So, it looks like this could be an innocent mistake. But this is exactly the kind of thing that could send people in a tizzy.

There is concern that, by mailing-in votes, your vote will not actually be cast. We are bombarded with stories of how this political party is messing with this party's votes, and vice versa. People are concerned about their mail-in ballots may be lost (or discarded). And when people receive envelopes without ballots, that kind of just adds fuel to the fire that votes will not be counted.

Are you concerned that, if you mail-in your ballot, it will not make it to be counted?

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