For two former women's hockey players at the University of North Dakota, it's been one heck of a week.

Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux, sisters from Grand Forks, are both members of the USA National Women's Hockey team.

Earlier this month, in a statement from the USA Hockey players, they said they would not participate in the World Championships unless the team received fair compensation and the same level of support that the men's team receives.

Jocelyne Lamoureaux told ESPNW that she had to make the choice between chasing her dreams and pursuing her passions or committing full-time to something more financially stable.

"It is a full-time job and to not get paid is a financial burden and stress on players, obviously. That is the conversation my husband and I are having right now," said player Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson. "Is playing going to be more stress than we can handle? Sadly it becomes a decision between chasing your dream or giving in to the reality of the financial burden."

But fortunately on Tuesday, the players reached a deal with USA hockey and according to ESPN, player salaries will get a big bump to $70,000 per player.

This was great news for the Lamoureaux sisters who learned that they could make a decent chunk of change while doing what they love.

But then on Wednesday, the Lamoureaux's learned that their alma mater would no longer have a women's hockey program. It was a program that allowed us to view gems like this one.

Jocelyne Lamoureaux was not only upset with the school cutting the women's hockey program, but also with the way the school handled the situation.

the team was on the ice practicing and preparing for the upcoming season while their fans learned that the season would not exist.

Then, via another tweet, Jocelyne learned that the program was cut at the same time the program was hosting a recruit who was looking forward to being on the team.

Jocelyne's sister Monique was not anymore satisfied.

For the Lamoureux sisters, they fortunately get to keep chasing their dreams as part of the National Team. But unfortunately for girls and women elsewhere who looked up to the UND women's team and fell in love with their players, the dream of one day being part of the team themselves no longer exists. 

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