Styled By A Child

The North Dakota Women's Network is hosting its annual "Styled By A Child" fundraiser. Money raised goes toward supporting the North Dakota Women's network; the goal is to raise awareness to various women's issues, and make legislative changes for women in our state.

How Does It Work?

It's pretty simple. Parents of Bismarck sign their kids up for the ultimate experience; for an entire week their children get to dress mom or dad in whatever they choose. Sounds a bit scary, right? Well, the parents who've participated seem to really love it. Plus, it's great for the kids! It allows children to show off their creativity and empowers them to make decisions.

Pictures To Prove It!

The adults post their styles every day throughout the week (May 2nd - 6th) and wear the styles out everywhere they go. While they might get a few funny looks here and there, it's for a good cause. Each team sets a fundraising goal, where friends and family can donate.

Naturally I have to show you some of the different looks kids have put together.

Styled By A Child

Here's some of the outfits parents have shared on social media

It's truly a unique event that not only helps support a local women's organization, but gives a few smiles to everyone in the community.

A Fashion Show!

At the end of the week, on Friday (May 6th) all of the "Styled by a Child" teams will walk the runway with either their favorite style from the week or a special runway look. The show will be held at the Ramada Bismarck, with special guests Senator Heidi Heitkamp and season 6 The Voice contestant, Kat Perkins.

Looking Ahead:

The Women's Network will also be hosting an event at the North Dakota Capitol grounds later this month for Menstrual Equity Day. 




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