Even though Craig Cobb's attempted takeover of Leith, ND is over, the story is still gaining national notoriety. Michael Nichols and Christopher Walker, two filmmakers out of Brooklyn, NY, have spent the last 9 months following the wild story about the white supremacist's attempted takeover of the sleepy North Dakota town. The two filmmakers recently spoke on HuffPost Live with the mayor of Leith and Craig Cobb himself about the project.

The unexpected twists of the story have turned what was supposed to be a short film into a feature documentary. After their initial week-long trip to Leith to gather footage for the expected 15-minute film, Nichols and Walker released a trailer that unexpectedly caught fire. After Cobb and 29-year-old Kynan Dutton were arrested for terrorizing the people of Leith with guns, the duo decided to pursue the project further.

We got a tip that people in the town were going to start burning down Craig Cobb's properties while he was locked up, and it was at that point we decided we had to continue filming. The story just got weirder and wilder from there.

In just the last few weeks, the project has gained momentum, as it was chose as Tribeca Film's fundraising pick and featured on Film Drunk, Prairie Public, Politix, as well as a Reddit AMA with Mike. Now, Nichols and Walker appeared on HuffPost Live on Monday (6/16) at 1:00pm CST with Ryan Schock, mayor of Leith, and Craig Cobb to discuss the project further.

If you're able, take some time to watch the interview. It definitely doesn't disappoint.

If you're interested in supporting the project, visit their Kickstarter page. To learn more about the film, visit Michael and Christoper's website. To follow the progress of the documentary, check out their Facebook page

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