You get the idea, let your hair down and get out to Fargo and experience a JOLLY good time

Here is where you get out of town for just a bit, dress yourself up in a little medieval outfit, and blend right into the 2nd Annual North Dakota Renaissance Faire. So many people enjoyed this last year, and it is a no-brainer that this event returns again - SAVE these dates!!! August 12-13/ 19-20/ AND 26-27 - At North Dakota Horse Park - 5180 19th Ave N, Fargo, ND  - Get ready to Prepare yourself for relaxation and fantasy.

So what exactly is this North Dakota Renaissance Faire all about?

The 2nd Annual North Dakota Renaissance Faire
*** The Grandest Event in the WEST is a few short weeks away
*** Two free children ($30 value)

*** Experience Live-Action Battles
*** Feel the ferocity of thundering hooves
*** Musical acts•Comedic Characters•and•Medieval Games
*** Feast yourself on the abundance of foods inspired by Medieval Era
*** Quench your thirst for libations in our Pub
*** We have a few new acts, including our main attraction, Cirque Ma’Ceo the renowned equestrian circus
Scott McGowan said last year

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