It's no secret that North Dakotans love to drink. We have built up quite the reputation, as a matter of fact.

World Population Review looked at alcohol consumption per capita, by the gallon for the year 2022. You might be surprised that it ranked the United States 25th for alcohol consumption globally.

Which State Has The Highest Alcohol Consumption?

We can all breathe a big sigh of relief, knowing we're not the worst/highest on the consumption list. -- Don't get too excited just yet, though.

New Hampshire was named as the state with the highest amount of alcohol consumption by large. The state had 4.76 gallons per capita, according to the source. 

Which State Has The Lowest Alcohol Consumption

The award goes to none other than Utah. The state was found to have alcohol consumption per capita as 1.34 gallons.

North Daktoa

Drumroll please... While North Dakota isn't in the top spot for alcohol consumption, we're pretty close. North Dakota was ranked as the fourth highest in the country. The source found that North Dakota was at 3.16 per capita.

As we get closer to summer, and getting out on the river, I offer a word of caution: drink responsibly. Take an Uber, or ride your friends couch. While we drink a lot, we don't have to be dumb drinkers. Anyway, I hope this satisfied your curiosity. Hopefully you read this sober. If not, you probably saw the phrase ""Per capita" and went "Huh?" -- Or that's what I would do. Too much thinking involved.


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