The prices of lumber have been going through the roof and I think most people can agree to that. Many people have wanted to do little projects in the Bis-Man area until they saw the price of lumber. It has skyrocketed in the past few weeks and I've been told that the price goes up almost weekly. What is the reason for the increase in price? Many people have said that the reason for the price increase is because of supply and demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the question that I ask is why is everything being blamed on the pandemic? Isn't it time that we get a handle on some of this stuff?

It's crazy hearing and seeing what the price of lumber has gone up to. There's been many people that have put off projects because the price of lumber has gotten completely out of reach. Some people say if you build a house, it's about $50,000 more because of the price of lumber.

That's crazy to think about and that really makes it tough for a person to build when you see that. I hope in the near future the price of lumber comes down to what it was before. The biggest question I have is how long is this going to last until the price decides to come back down to where it was before? Do you think this is a forever ordeal or do you think the price will come down in the future?


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