If you are an experienced air traveler not many things will surprise you...

...and this is one of those times. I feel lucky that I don't have to travel for my job because I would go crazy if I had to depend on the weather cooperating with my agenda. Flight cancellations, the headaches of worrying about missing a connecting flight in a different city. Everything seems to back up when the delays keep compiling, then you find yourself stuck at the airport. That's what is happening right now in certain parts of the country.

So far as of 1:00 pm central time on this Wednesday the 22nd over 1,000 flights have been canceled

"Winter storms, blizzard and high-wind advisories for swaths of the western and the northcentral United States" nbcnews.com reported. Residents are being warned to 'limit travel' - and obviously here is where I am grateful that I only have to worry about 3.9 miles from my house to the radio station. Even in that short distance can bring plenty of danger, as in sliding off the side of an icy road. Even California is feeling the wrath of Mother Nature with heavy rain and hail, and out in certain parts of California, they deal with mud-slides and have issues with flooding.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is one that got hit hard with cancelations

Once again, as of today - Wednesday February 22nd  according to nbcnews.com   "There were more than 1,318 U.S. flight cancellations by midday and at least 411 of those called-off journeys were related to Minneapolis−St. Paul International Airport. At least 226 cancellations were listed out of Denver International Airport" Let's hope your plans can be changed if you are thinking about flying anywhere.



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