Old 10 Bar & Grill just celebrated the groundbreaking of their new facility. While they have loved serving the people of Mandan over the years, they are now branching out to Bismarck. -- Don't worry Mandan's location will still operate as usual.

Old 10 Management
Old 10 Management

Never Have I Ever

I'll admit, I've never actually visited Old 10, but I've seen it. It definitely has a unique, eye-catching style. You really can't miss it. After seeing all the hype in the comment section of their Facebook post, I'll definitely have to give it a try.

New Location

The new building will be located in Washington Square in North Bismarck. The restaurant's saying is that "We'll always make it a 10," so hopefully the new location will be just as charming as the one we know and love.

Opening Date:

They are in the early stages of getting the project off of the ground, but as of right now, they are saying it will be up and running sometime next year (2023).

Bismarck Is Growing

I honestly think I've lost count; there are so many new businesses, tons of new restaurants that either just opened, are planning to open, or are expanding. I already had a hard time choosing where to eat, if we keep getting more options, my brain might just explode. Stomach too.


Developing Area

If you are awful at all things navigation and have no idea where Washington Square is, I'll help you out. We're really seeing more and more businesses pop up near this area.


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