According to Business Insider, McDonald's is adding 'Cheesy Bacon Fries' to its menu nationwide in early 2019.

If someone were to ask me, "How do you make fries better?" My prompt response would be, "Add cheese and bacon." It just so happens that some genius that works for McDonald's had the same idea.

It's exactly what it sounds like and looks like, McDonald's fries topped with cheese sauce and pieces of bacon. Test markets in Hawaii and northern California are already serving the new menu item and have been since November.

The Cheesy Bacon Fries are reportedly selling for $3.75 at a McDonald's restaurant in Stockton, CA.

The new menu item is very much like the 'Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries' that are served at McDonald's restaurants in Australia. McDonald's Global Store in downtown Chicago has also made Cheesy Bacon Fries available.

An exact date of when local McDonald's will have Cheesy Bacon Fries is currently unknown, but we'll be happy to pass that along when it's announced. Just know that Cheesy Bacon Fries are coming soon to McDonald's in North Dakota in early 2019.

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