In case you didn't notice, and by the number of votes it received, you did, the measure for medical marijuana to be legalized in North Dakota passed.

The candidates running for office weren't the only ones on the ballot, and voters took notice. Supporters of the measure to legalize medicinal marijuana say North Dakota citizens showed they care about those suffering from chronic pain.

Measure 5 was passed with a "yes" vote in North Dakota, as 63.8 percent voted in favor of it. The measure will allow for patients to receive up to 3 ounces of marijuana to be used in the treatment of medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS, and hepatitis C, among others. Patients will need to carry identification cards that will list the specific criteria.

The North Dakota State Health Department will license specialized facilities for distribution, while non-profit organizations will operate those facilities.

Other states passing measures for the legalization of medical marijuana last night were Montana, Florida, and Arkansas. Last night, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada each passed measures to legalize recreational marijuana.