A Minnesota woman is charged with thirteen counts of animal mistreatment - one of them a felony - after a search of her animal rescue operation revealed a nightmarish scenario for the animals.

The Fargo Forum reports authorities searched the Minnesota Animal Rescue facility in May, finding 64 dead cats and over forty other neglected animals.

Police arrested owner and operator Caycee Bregel in May, after a search of the rental home in Castle Rock Township near Farmington.

The Star tribune article says Dakota County sheriff's deputies were called to the property three times in April and May "on reports of numerous dogs and cats inside the home and a pig running loose."

Witnesses report seeing neglected cats that were "sink and bone."

The sheriff described the scene as horrific: "Finding this many deceased, diseased and unnourished cats and dogs was extremely disturbing."

At least one cat was euthanized. other animals were reported to be severely malnourished.

[Source: Fargo Forum]

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