Once a year you have a fair, expecting huge crowds, families...a summer event.

Is there no such thing anymore as walking into a yearly event expecting a fun relaxing time with zero anticipation of violence? Apparently not, what happened last night at the Minnesota State Fair is a prime example. A gunshot rang out and suddenly the first thing that pops into every fair goer's mind is a possible start to a mass shooting - fortunately, that didn't happen, but still, the damage was done. An evacuation took place, turning a fun event into today"s reality - danger.

Law enforcement to step up their presence after shooting - Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said they are investigating what happened.

I just have a couple of questions, and I apologize if I am wrong

The way our world is these days, why isn't there a metal detector in place at all entryways at major events like this? How is it possible someone can just bring a gun into the fairgrounds?


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