I completely understand WHY there are so many people against smoking in most places outdoors

This isn't anything new by any means. In North Dakota, the laws are pretty simple about smoking. You can receive a fine if you light up a cig in an area where it is prohibited. It's been almost ten years since North Dakota's Free Law became effective - according to fdhu.org the Free Law "... advances public health by protecting more workers, residents and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure in public places and places of employment" I smoke cigars now and then, and I completely understand those that disdain second-hand smoke, especially from a stogie. However, I also believe that there should be more places where you can relax and smoke inside, like a cigar bar. Now you can't even smoke in your own car if you lived in this small town in Minnesota.

Just recently Ramsey County in Minnesota has passed an ordinance to make it illegal to smoke in your car

So just like North Dakota, Minnesota is fairly strict with its smoking laws in public places as well. I can tell you this, I never gave it a second thought that some people would find it offensive even if you were smoking in your own car. Check it out, there are those in Ramsey County, Minnesota that have now successfully tightened their grip on smokers. According to Kare11.com the Ramsey County Board Of Commissioners approved and passed an ordinance that will go into effect August 26th: "Smoking and commercial tobacco product use are not allowed at any time by any person on any property that is owned, leased, rented, contracted or otherwise used or controlled by Ramsey County. This prohibition includes but is not limited to, all facilities; grounds; parking lots; work areas, vehicles and equipment; walkways, paths and trails; park and recreation areas, lands and bodies of water; public golf courses, playgrounds, beaches, swimming pools, nature areas and recreation centers" 

Fines, ranging from $50 to $200 may be issued



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