Earlier this week in a series of tweets, President Donald Trump stated that "the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.

The tweets angered many around the country but also confused individuals in the Pentagon and other military personnel since no actual policy or plan was put into place according to various news reports.

For the time being, Transgender personnel in the military will continue to be treated the same way and will continue to serve until an actual policy is put into place.

We reached out to the Minot Air Force Base to see if they could tell us if there are any Transgender personnel on the base and if the discharge of those individuals would have an immediate impact on the operations of the base.

A spokesperson for Minot Air Force Base, Jamie Humphries released this statement to us:

As a service, the USAF doesn't provide transgender numbers or personal/private information of its Airmen.  What's important to know though is that our service will always treat members with the utmost dignity and respect they deserve.

We have a current policy in place and there won't be modifications to the current policy until the President's direction has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidance.

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