Christmas was almost ruined for everyone thanks in part to Minot Air Force Base.

As reported by CNN, Minot Air Force Base on Twitter got into a little back and forth with Whiteman Air Force Base (located into Missouri).

The two bases were arguing over who was better. Though many of the tweets seem to have now been deleted, remnants of the argument remain.

After the feud continued on for a while between the two bases, the main Air Force Twitter account had to step in to set the two bases straight with this bombshell:

Santa isn't real?! That's quite the claim from the United States Air Force considering NORAD, a division of the Air Force tracks Santa's route around the world each year.

The Santa claim by the Air Force came about 30 minutes after the military branch attempted to take away TV watching privileges for the Minot and Whiteman Air Force Bases. That tweet has some screenshots from the original argument between the two bases.

After the Washington Examiner first picked up on the story that the Air Force said Santa wasn't real, the Air Force walked back its claim.

"Santa is real @Anna_Giaritelli," the Air Force said in their tweet directed at the Washington Examiner reporter who had the story. "Bluffing to get @Whiteman_AFB @TeamMinot in line. Tracking him in Dec @NoradNorthcom."

That was a close call. We almost thought Santa was a hoax. Fortunately the tweet was just another lie by the government.

But Minot Air Force Base better behave. There's still two months until Christmas and we don't want Santa to skip over all of North Dakota just because a couple of people at one of the state's Air Force Bases can't keep quiet.

Minot Air Force Base is set to host Vice President Mike Pence on Friday (Oct. 27). The former Indiana Governor clearly loves Christmas as is evident in a video he created back in 2012. Santa is not mentioned in the video.

We need to get the folks at Minot Air Force Base one of those Chinese Finger Traps so they don't tweet anything else stupid that might jeopardize Christmas.


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