So here is the deal, seems like forever that the game of baseball was to "Never be tampered with"... in "leave it the %&*% alone". The old timers, the purists had heard many complaints that the game of baseball was too darn slow,  and there had to be a way or ways of changing certain aspects to prevent losing the attention of people attending Major League Baseball events. Those that made legitimate arguments that FACTS showed a decline in attendance around the leagues have been pushing for a change for years - and this 2023 season they got their wish.

Several changes were introduced to the Major Leagues this season

Back in February of this year, gave us this bit of news " A pitch timer, limits on defensive shifts and bigger bases are coming to Major League Baseball in 2023...the recently formed Joint Competition Committee voted Friday in favor of three rule changes aimed at improving pace of play, action and safety at the MLB level" The goal was and IS simple - to speed up the game of Major League Baseball.

So far this season, baseball games are finishing a "half-hour" faster than last year

That's right, everyone is happy, right? Wrong. Stadiums around the MLB quickly noticed that money is being lost at the concession stands - reported "Major League Baseball's new pitch clock is not just shortening baseball games this season; it's also shortening the length of time fans can buy and enjoy sudsy beers or frothy margaritas at the stadiums"  -- So far 5 teams - San Diego PadresMinnesota Twins, The Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers,  and Milwaukee Brewers  "...have extended alcohol sales through the eighth"     This is NOT a good idea at all, simply for the fact that fans will leave stadiums with less time under their belt to "sober up".

A Major League pitcher said it best...

...Matt Strahm from the Philadelphia Phillies had this to say on the Baseball Isn’t Boring podcast  "...we’re going to the eighth, and now you’re putting our fans and our family at risk driving home with people who have just drank beers 22 minutes ago"  - sadly the game might end quicker now but the potential for alcohol disaster has increased greatly as well.



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