The sport of baseball has many long-running traditions

I think that's what I like the most about America's pastime, some people say it's "Way too boring, not enough action"  - These naysayers have obviously not paid attention to some classic pre-game festivities lately. Let's go over some of the lore that makes this so special - players know NOT to step on the first base/third base lines when they are either coming into the dugout or going out on the field - BAD LUCK. Never ever talk to the pitcher when he is throwing a no-hitter AND the scariest thing of all ( if you are the one that is handed the ball ) throwing out the first pitch!

An honor reserved for so many walks of life

I know you have seen this before, whether it's the President of the United States - William Howard Taft who started this whole thing back on baseball's Opening Day, April 14, 1910 ( I kind of doubt you were in the stands for this one ), or maybe a local Mayor or a big-time celebrity, I am not including myself in that last category, but I have had the honor three years in a row here in Bismarck. Now 99% of the crowd doesn't expect or care to see an accurate throw to the catcher, the delight is just to watch the personality chosen to engage in some fun ( although the terrifying thing on my mind was to completely avoid embarrassing myself - for example - throwing a 98 bounce dribbler, heaving it too high and hitting Clark the Lark in the stands ) -

Here are two examples of some people adding their own spin to it

        1) August 6, 2022 - Target Field

     Olympic Superstar Minnesota native Suni Lee delivered a pre-throw flip........


........I'm guessing that Lee probably caught our very own Andi Ahne

Our Townsquare Media radio stations all were involved with this tradition. The Bismarck Larks had our performances all scheduled to play out at the Municipal Ballpark. US 103.3's Rockin' Rick went first, then on another evening Cool 98.7's Scott McGowan and myself Bromo from the All-New 96.5 The Walleye had a duel first pitch. The finale though was the true spectacle - just a couple of weeks ago, on July 27th, Hot 97.5's Andi Ahne completely outshined us all:


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