It is by far the most POWERFUL word on the planet.  It is a word that can never be used in a positive way.  Unleashing the power of this single word puts you at risk of being pulled into its black hole of backlash. With every keystroke, I feel the foreboding presence of cancel culture in the air. This word has that much power.

Can I ask we not kill the messenger?

Instead, let's dogpile both the dope that was crass enough to use the insult against his ex-wife and the political muckrakers that use the weaponized word as their strategy. The dope that is alleged to have used the slur is Minnesota GOP Senate candidate Dan Bohmer.  The muckrakers that put out this TV political ad are the DFL Senate Caucus. Here's a Facebook screenshot of the ad from a KVRR report

attachment-KVRR Facebook Channel

There's a hand-filmed version on James Clark's YouTube channel


The ad's narrator even goes so far as to speak the unspeakable!  Although to their credit the word is bleeped out. I'm not sure taking "credit" is what anyone right-minded group would want to do.

What does Bohmer's opponent DFL candidate Rob Kupec have to say about the ad?


“I despise the negative tone of political campaigning in recent years, and was surprised to see the ad against my opponent that was created and released without my knowledge,”

That's a great answer Rob, now let's hope you press your party to remove all instances of this undefendable affront to the good voters of Minnesota. It's should come as no surprise that political action committees come out swinging in the week before an election. There are plenty of undecided voters out there that may now be making a decision to just skip this particular box on their ballot.

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