The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has announced it is severing ties with the Boy Scouts of America, ending a relationship that has lasted a century.

The Fargo Forum reports the Mormon church made the announcement Tuesday, a few days after the Boy Scouts announced they were changing their name by dropping the "Boy," in an effort to be more inclusive.

The church did not cite any specific reason behind the split, but it's no secret that church elders have been dissatisfied with the Scouts' new "progressive" direction, embracing girls and no longer shunning gays.

The article notes that the Scouts have a long relationship with a number of faith-based organizations. The Scouts say Mormons will still be allowed to join "independent" of their churches.

Reaction among the Mormon community has been mixed, most notably among Mormons who are former Scouts. Mormon spokesmen say the church plans to develop its own youth organizations.

[Source: Fargo Forum]




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