North Dakota's Finest this week is mourning the loss of a brother officer.

NBC North Dakota News reports North Dakota's Bureau of Criminal Investigation has lost its new K-9 agent after only two months on the job.

Hex, the yellow Labrador reportedly died of cancer in the heart.

A veterinarian spokesman says Hex did not seem to be in pain, but did periodically faint due to interruptions in the blood flow.

Hex reportedly collapsed on the job January 31 after assisting in the serving of a search warrant.

North Dakota Attorney general Wayne Stenehjem officially inducted Hex as the Bureau's newest agent in early December.

Hex was paired with Special Agent Jesse Smith,based in Fargo with the bureau's cybercrime unit. The dog specialized in "locating electronic devices such as hard drives, cellphones and memory cards -- items commonly associated with child pornography."

Officials of the Bureau say they're working to get a replacement dog "at no cost to taxpayers."

[Sources: NBC North Dakota News/Bismarck Tribune]

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