A North Dakota lawmaker faces criticism for a posting on social media that some claim makes light of prison rape.

KXMB reported that Rep. Rick Becker posted a meme on his Facebook page "Rick Becker For North Dakota."  It's the one shown above.

Appeneded was the line: "OMG! HAHAHAHAHA"

Several comments on Becker's post raise concern for "the disregard of making light of male rape." Some question the appropriacy of a sitting politicians making such a remark.

House majority leader, Rep. Chet Pollert issued this statement:

“I find the post to be in very poor taste and have encouraged Representative Becker to delete it. I do not condone this type of message.” 

Rep. Beck issued the following state in response to the criticism:

"Far-left free speech haters and social justice warriors are attacking me and threatening my business for a silly meme I shared! Their complicit allies in the media are trying to create something out of nothing. Please contribute NOW to help me fight back and let the media establishment know that you support our First Amendment rights!"

As of the publishing of this article, neither the comments or the mem have been delated.

[Sources: KXMB-TV, Facebook]

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