Has the PC thing gotten out of hand?

The latest example involves one of the most popular pop holiday standards. A number of radio stations have banned (i.e. decided not to play) the song Baby It's Cold Outside, because the lyrics imply date rape.

We're not making this up.

WDOK, a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio is among them. As WGN/Chicago reports, the station, which plays all-Christmas music this time of year, has pulled Baby It's Cold Outside "after it says listeners voiced concern about the song’s predatory undertones amid the “Me Too” movement."

The call-and-response song traditionally includes a woman singing that she has to leave a man’s house as he tries to lure her to stay.

In the song, she sings “I really can’t stay,” to which the man responds, “but baby, it’s cold outside.”

Other lyrics include the woman singing “say, what’s in this drink?” and “I simply must go… the answer is no.”

(Now, it should be noted that there is at least one version of the song, where the female [Lady Gaga] and the male [Joseph Gordon-Levitt] reverse the roles.)

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center President and CEO Sondra Miller said the organization supports the decision.

[Do you support the decision to "ban" the song; or is this an example of PC spun out of control? Your comments welcome.

[Source: WGN-TV]

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