North Dakota's top lawmakers were scheduled to talk Wednesday about the state legislature's sexual harassment policies.

KXMB News reports the state's current policy consists of two paragraphs, stating that harassment "will not be tolerated in any manner."

The definition includes, "verbal abuse" and "physical touching of a sexual nature."

According to KX, "It also includes threats that someone's job will be affected if they reject a sexual advance.

"But, the policy does not lay out a process for reporting sexual harassment."

There have been some instances of sexual harassment allegations in the state. In October a Ward County deputy sheriff charged the county's state's attorney with sexual harassment and asked for the resignations of the attorney and the sheriff.

Earlier this year, Dickinson police were called in to investigate a claim of sexual harassment aboard a school bus.

On the national scene this week, a group of female, Democratic senators came forward calling for Minnesota Senator Al Franken to step down, amid allegations of sexual misbehavior.

[Source: KXMB-TV]


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