North Dakota police have a problem with the fines issued for traffic violations in our state - they're too low!

A speeding ticket in North Dakota can cost as little as five dollars. Running a red light is around twenty. In Minnesota by contrast, the same infractions can cost over a hundred dollars.

As KXMB notes, "It's never a good day when you get pulled over and get a ticket. But authorities say those fines are merely a slap on the wrist and they're frustrated."

Bismarck Police Chief Dan Donlin is among the more vocal opponents of the lax penalties: "The people laugh and then drive away and say 'Well, thank you!' And off they go with their 10 dollar or 20 dollar ticket."

The point system is another point of contention: in North Dakota you have to rack up twelve points before you lose your license.

That number is lower elsewhere. In California for example a "negligent" drive can lose driving privileges with as few as four points.

KXMB says the state legislature isn't expected to take up the issue again until 2018.



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