That has to be the running question since even the stone age days

I heard it growing up, I'm sure you did too. "What's WRONG with kids THESE days?" - frustrated adults have pondered that and asked it out loud for so many generations. Those that spent their childhood days without cell phones, video games, TikTok, or the convenience of having a car to drive to school. Here's another one "These kids THESE days have it easy, they don't appreciate what they have" - I'm here to tell you that I firmly disagree with all the awful things that are said about our younger generation, AND I have a video for you that proves it:

Courtney Mosbrucker Facebook

So I'm guessing the first thing you thought of after watching the first couple of seconds was "Oh here is another video of some kids ripping off all of the candy including the bowl" - understandable since that kind of minor thievery happens EVERY year, These two wonderful children performed exactly the opposite. This was 32 seconds of proof that everything that is said negatively about " THESE days" is just not accurate. Check out what Courtney Mosbrucker said about these two Minot trick-or-treaters :

"After seeing so many posts about kids dumping peoples entire bowls of candy into their bags, this warmed my heart so much ❤️ Right before these kids came, a few teenagers wiped out our candy and took one of the bowls and these sweet kids took candy out of their OWN bags to put back into the bowl for others.
Feel free to share— I hope this video gets back to the parents so we can thank them for raising such kind-hearted kids. They should be so proud. The world needs more parents and kids like these" 

I can watch this a trillion times over


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