This whole Craig Cobb situation continues to get stranger and stranger.

As you probably know, Cobb is the white supremacist who has attempted to take over Leith, which has brought national attention to the small rural town.

Since Cobb has moved to Leith, he's been the center of controversy. He appeared on a nationally televised TV show, in which he was informed he was 14% black, much to the delight of everyone watching the show. Most recently, he and Kynan Dutton were jailed and charged with seven counts of terrorizing the people of Leith.

Now, according to the Bismarck Tribune, Cobb was taken from the jail to a hospital in Beulah, and then transferred to the state hospital in Jamestown. There is no information regarding Cobb's current condition but it was reported that he had stopped eating recently, as a way to seek spiritual enlightenment.

You can read more on the story HERE

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