On-the-Go Laundry Service

According to Inforum.com, there's an app that's really taking off in Fargo. It's called "Sudshare." The site describes it as "Uber-for-laundry."

You might be like me and think people would never in a million years give their laundry to complete strangers to wash, and you'd be wrong. That's exactly what this app is all about. You can pay someone (a dollar per pound) to pick up, wash, fold, and return your laundry. You can even leave special instructions, and you don't have to provide the detergent.


The SudShare website explains it very simply; you order a "Sudster," (someone who will come do the laundry) then it will get picked up, washed, and later returned.

I Hate To Burst Your Bubbles...

Here's where I have an issue:

Number 1: I absolutely do want other people going through my dirty laundry. If my underwear come up missing, I'm throwing hands! -- Just (mostly) kidding. The other legitimate concern with that is, if you have expensive name-brand clothes, you're really risking losing some pieces of your fancy wardrobe.

Number 2: you have to leave your laundry outside, so the person can pick it up. It's either that, or you wait around for them to come by and hand it over. But... if you had time to do that, you'd probably have time to do your own laundry. All I'm saying is I would not leave my laundry out in the open, exposed to the elements, bugs, and porch pirates. Nuh-uh not happening.

Also, if it's returned to your doorstep while you're not home and it starts raining, same issue. A bird could fly overhead and wreck the clothes with its ca-ca. There goes all the money you just spent. I have a million disastrous scenarios popping up in my head. There are certainly kinks to be worked out.

The Flip Side 

From the "Sudster's" point of view, this is pretty great. We're always looking for side-hustles. The best part about this one is you can do homework, cook, clean your house, or do whatever you please all while washing someone else's clothes, and making yourself a little extra money.


I feel weird about the whole thing, but this could be something we see being used in the Bismarck area very soon. Best of luck to anyone willing to try it out!



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