A North Dakota couple will soon be sentenced for crimes they committed against six children.

A North Dakota man and woman are about to receive their sentences for heinous crimes committed against very young children. Back in February of 2020, a Velva woman named Katie Heidinger and a Minot man named Derrick Walker were indicted for producing, receiving, and distributing child pornography which involved six different children ages one, three, four, and six. Inforum reports that Walker and Heidinger were each found "guilty on six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor." Heidinger will be sentenced on March 16, 2022, and Walker's sentencing date has yet to be announced.

Heidinger and Walker were familiar with all six of their child victims.

Inforum reports that all six of the child victims were known to Heidinger and Walker. And sadly, that is usually the case when it comes to child exploitation. According to childwelfare.gov, "Most cases of child sexual abuse involve family members or caregivers who are known to the child." This is horrifying information because a person really cannot trust anyone. Especially around children. Childcare.gov has information on signs that may indicate if a child is being abused or if a person is an abuser.

It is hard to wrap your mind around the fact that children are exploited for sex.

There are many types of horrifying and disgusting crimes. But crimes against children are about the nastiest thing a person could do. Children cannot defend themselves. They rely on adults to take care of them but it could be so easy to manipulate and exploit a child. Anyone who hurts a child does not deserve to live a life of freedom.

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