Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota all have stricter speeding penalties than North Dakota, even after the state has proposed a bill to raise the speeding limit from 75 to 80.

This bill could eventually affect interstates 94 and 29, but as of Tuesday evening, no action had been taken on the proposed bill.

According to North Dakota law, on every highway with a speed limit of 65 mph or more, drivers are fined $5 for each mph over the speed limit they were going. For example, 5 mph over is $25, 10 mph over is $50, 15 mph over is $75, 20 mph is $100, and 25 mph over is $125.

In neighboring states, such as Montana, the fines grow steeper for every mph over the speed limit. Prices in Montana range from $40-$200. In South Dakota, the fines range from $85 to $220, while in Minnesota, the fines become the steepest of the surrounding states going from $115 to $375.

It is yet to be determined if the fine values in North Dakota would change, should the speed limit be increased by the proposed bill.


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