That title may have you in disbelief. However, no one is ever going to tell you that their state has 'the best drivers.' Everyone will always tell you the opposite no matter where they are.

According to the cell phone app, EverDrive, North Dakota is tied for having the 4th best drivers in the U.S. The app used five key factors over the course of a combined 20 million trips from its users. Those factors are speeding, hard braking, hard turning, excess acceleration, and cell phone use.

It would appear that this region seems to have what the app would consider 'the best drivers.' The top five states are: 1) Montana, 2) Wyoming, 3) Alaska, 4-tie) South Dakota and North Dakota.

The worst drivers, according to the app, would be in the northeast. They are: 46) New Hampshire, 47) New Jersey, 48) Pennsylvania, 49) Connecticut, and 50) Rhode Island.

Honestly, we all get a little angry when it comes to being on the road, whether it's traffic slowed by construction, the occasional person cutting you off, someone slow in the left-hand lane, or someone not turning on a turn-signal, but if you keep what you're doing on the road, while also being mindful of others on the road, then driving in North Dakota is a pretty good place to be when you're on the road.

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