Despite recent crackdowns on drunk driving throughout North Dakota, our state remains one of the most lenient states in terms of penalties for DUIs.

Drunk driving is a problem no matter where you are. But throughout the U.S., it turns out that when it comes to penalties for drunk driving in North Dakota are the 47th harshest in the country (4th most lenient). This, according to our friends at WalletHub. Technically we came it tied for 47th with Idaho.

Based on the scores to determine the ranking, technically we came it tied for 47th with Idaho. The determining factors for the ranking are based off of the following:

  • Maximum and minimum jail time for 1st and 2nd offenses
  • When DUI is considered a felony in that state
  • How long a 1st DUI factors into a 2nd DUI in that state
  • If there are additional penalties for a higher BAC
  • Minimum and maximum fines for 1st and 2nd offenses
  • Protection against child endangerment

Several less weighted factors were also used in the study.

In North Dakota, there is no minimum sentence for a first offense, minimum jail time for a 2nd conviction is 10 days, a DUI is considered a felony on the fourth offense, old DUIs factor into new DUIs for six years, and your drivers' license is suspended for your first offense for 91 days.

The full list for all states can be found here. You can also view the full map which indicates each state's ranking below as well as some facts about some state penalties. No matter what you do, don't drink and drive and please drink responsibly.

Source: WalletHub
Source: WalletHub

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