According to KX News, Coal Creek Power Plant that is located between Washburn and Underwood is in a financial jeopardy with the future unknown. Coal Creek Power Plant is a coal fired power plant and there's several across the state.

If the power plant would close it would be a sad day and a huge loss for the area. Great River Energy let their employees know about the financial issues in the late part of January. Since letting employees know about the financial state many rumors have started circulating.

Mayor Weisenberger said, “There’s a lot of cash flow here through the mine and the plant, I think Underwood, Washburn, Turtle Lake—you’re looking at ghost towns.” A lot of residents around the Underwood area hope the power plant doesn't close. It would really hit these small communities hard.

The closure wouldn't just affect the 265 workers that work at the power plant, but the over 500 employees that work at Falkirk Mine also. Falkirk Mine has a "life of the plant" contract with Great River Energy which could badly affect Falkirk Mine if Coal Creek Power Plant were to close.

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