Since winter rolled into North Dakota last weekend, the temperatures have gotten dangerously cold.

In the final week of December 2021, Mother Nature hit us with a frigid cold snap. And it is dangerous. At the time of this post, it is -2 degrees with a wind chill of -19 degrees. And the National Weather Service predicts that the temperatures will be dipping down to -16 wind chill with a -25 degree wind chill. And it will be even colder by the time New Year's Eve hits!

Why do North Dakotans let their dogs stay outside for extended periods of time when it is so cold?

In case you have not noticed, it is brutally cold outside. Most North Dakotans do not think to leave the house in these kinds of temperatures without at least a minimal amount of winter gear. So, why do people think it is ok to expose their dogs to such harsh temperatures without any protection from the elements?

Yesterday, a friend of mine was telling me how they were delivering a package to a home where there was a dog left outside in the frigid cold. The owners did not appear to be home and the dog was sitting in its little non-insulated dog house, head hung down, and shivering uncontrollably. HOW could someone ever think this is ok to do to their pet?

The phrase, "If you are cold, they are cold" is so true and needs to be taken seriously.

As a dog owner, it is horrifying to me to know that people mistreat their pets and think nothing of it - and that the laws in this state allow cruelty (but that is a whole different rant). The only dogs that should be out in this kind of weather are cold weather dogs like Huskies. They are at least built to withstand cold temperatures for some time. But most breeds are not If you can't treat your dog like the family member it is, you do not deserve to have one.

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