Beginning just a few years ago, some states rather than celebrating Columbus Day instead began celebrating, "Indigenous People's Day."

Other states, celebrate what is known as "Discovery Day."

In total there are 17 states that don't observe Columbus Day and that includes North Dakota.

It appears these days, government websites for North Dakota recognize Columbus Day as Columbus Day.

However, in 1927, the state legislature for North Dakota changed Columbus Day to "Discoverer's Day." According to an article published in the NY Times on Oct. 13 1951, the widely Scandinavian population in the state believe that Leif Erickson beat Christopher Columbus to the North American shores by about 500 years arriving around the year 1000. Columbus set sail in 1492.

It is true that Leif Erickson did arrive first but contact between The Americas and European nations was not sustained until after the journey made by Columbus.

Leif Erickson Day is observed annually on Oct. 9.

Regardless of who arrived "first," when voyagers arrived to North America, they were not here alone. They were of course greeted by individuals who already lived here.

No matter what your view of this holiday is, there's all one thing we can agree on. Today is Monday.